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Unit 3: Complex clauses and linkers

Complex clauses
Acomplex clauses gives us extra information about a sentence. It is introduced by a linking word or phrase, for example: although, so that. These words and phrases are also known as "linkers".
Complex clauses can express a range of meanings depending on the linkier that is used. For example:

        -Contrast: Linkers include: although, though, in spite of the fact that, despite the fact that

        -Purpose: Linkers include: so (that)

        -Reason: Linkes include: because, as, since

        -Result: Linkers include: so....that, such...that

Don't Forget!!!
When a comlex clause begins a sentence, we use a comma to separate the two clauses:
He still did the bungee jump although he was scared.
BUT Although he was scared, he still did the bungee jump

Linkers of contrast
We can use the following linkers to express a contrast: although, though, despite the fact that, in spite of, in spite of the fact that. We can these linkers in the following ways:

       -Although/ though + clause. Although and though have the same meaning, but though is more common in informal English.
                  For exemple: So far James visited five countrues, although he has only spent ten euros!
                                       Though the website started recently, James has had lots of offers.

        -Despite the fact that/ in spite of the fact that + clauses.
                 For exemple: We baught the tickets despite th fact that they were expensive
                                      In spite of the fact that he has very little monet. James has travelled a lot.
        -Despite/ in spite of + noun/ pronoun or gerund.
                 For exemple: In spite of all the discounts affered by travel agents, going on holiday can still be expensive.
                 Despite having little money Jams Beck has found a way to travel the wold for free!


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